Full Service Internet andLearning Center

What We Do

We provide Internet Broadband Service to the local community via Globe Tatoo 3G mobile broadband. We have two separate networks that service 12 computers (6X2). It is fast by local standards offering 1 Mbps burstable download speeds suitable for YouTube and Skype video calls. Also supports music mp3 streaming.

Who We Are

Jimboy Edwards, a retired NASA Space Center IT worker always dreamed of having his own business in the Computer and Information Technology field. While applying his knowledge and experitise he has developed a center for online reasearch and learning. We are located directly across from Northern Iloilo Polytechnic State College (NIPSC) Victorino Salcedo Campus (VSC) in Sara, Iloilo province. The locals from various schools in the area are welcome and also utilize our services.

A music lover and musician playing guitar and bass, we will soon have an onsite music studio for rehearsal and audio recording. We will also offer for sale new and used music and sound equipment at affordable prices.

Fun and Games

Gaming is so popular nowadays we are glad to provide online and networked gaming as long as it does not interfere with the students ability to access and complete their assignments and learning requirements.

Installed games on the units are League Of Legends (LOL), Counter Strike Source (CSS) and Warcraft III (DOTA). More games will be forthcoming in the future as demand requires.