Welcome to Jimboy Internet and Learning Center.

Providing Online services to students of North Ilo Ilo Polytechnic State College (NIPSC) Sara campus.  

Also, fast internet connectivity for Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Academic/Professional Research.  Installed computers are:

3 GHz dual core Intel HP with 18.5" wide screen monitors.  1 Mbps download speed.


Nice Environment

Enjoy the nice atmosphere and air conditioned comfort at Jimboy Internet and Learning Center, where you can surf and interact with friends via Facebook, Skype video calling or Twitter.

Educational / Professional

College students from NIPSC Sara campus come in to research and print out their project assignments. A full suite of Microsoft Office 2007 applications enable them to accomplish most any task. We are located at Municipality of Sara, Iloilo province, The Republic of the Philippines.

Fun and Games

Gaming is also popular here at Jimboy's. We have installed many games such as: League Of Legends, DOTA, and Counter Strike Source. You can play online with a community of gamers or networked with fellow gamers inside.